Responsible Gaming

DoubleUpOnline takes responsible gambling very seriously. We offer our clients a fun gambling experience to enjoy, but we also encourage all our visitors to ensure that they play within their means. One should always bear in mind the following:

Gambling is intended as an enjoyable and fun game as opposed to making money or trying to free yourself from financial difficulties.
Keep track of your spending and only play with the amount initially decided. Do not chase after losses or play with money that is allocated to other areas of your budget.
Besides the financial aspect, gambling is not supposed to keep you from your routine daily activities. Monitor the time you spend gambling.
To assist players in keeping within their limits we provide the following guidelines and tools on our site:

Game Session Timers
Deposit Limits to can be set at the beginning of play.
Set limits and provide tools to prevent underage gambling
We provide links to self help information and organisations
International Contact Details if you feel you need assistance is as follows:

Gamblers Anonymous - Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office




Deposit Limits

When you register with Double Up you will be given the option to set a limit for yourself when you log in for the first time. Should you wish to change this you can at any time. You can click on My Accountand then go to the Responsible Gambling button. Here you will be able to set deposit limits that are suitable for you

Self Exclusion

Should you feel that gambling may be consuming you or your finances we offer 3 different distancing programmes.

7 day period of no play
1 month period no play
6 month period no play

You will need to email your request to our Customer Care. The request must include a telephone number on which we will call you to confirm the request. We endeavour to get to all requests within 12 hours on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends.

During this period you will receive no information on promotions or other marketing drives in play at the time.


If you are concerned that gambling may be becoming an issue for you or a loved one, please read through the following questionnaire to help you assess the situation.

Does gambling prevent you from attending work or study facility?
Do others comment on your gambling?
Do you gamble for extended periods of time, often longer than intended?
Have you lost interest in family friends and hobbies due to gambling?
When you are bored or frustrated, do you want to gamble?
Have you ever lied about how often you gamble or how much you spend gambling?
Do you chase your losses?
If you run out of money, do you borrow to try to win back your losses?
Does gambling every make you depressed or even suicidal?
The more yes answers that you have, the more likely it is that you are slipping into a dangerous place with gambling and we strongly suggest you get hold of the above contact details to assist you in correcting this before it is too late.


At Double Up Dice we work tirelessly to ensure that there are no children under the age of 18 registered on our site. We are continually doing random checks via the payment portals used to deposit money, and if players are found to be under 18 all winnings are forfeited, and police will be contacted in the country of the child's residence.

We can only do what we can, and we strongly advise parents to be fully aware and engaged in what activities their children use on gaming devices. It is also advisable to install software filters.